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Schedule swimming pond design services in the Hudson Valley, Dutchess County, & Berkshire Region

Would you like to install a swimming area, but don't want to pay the maintenance fees on a standard pool? Pond Docs @ JJRT Aquatic of Craryville, NY can help. We offer swimming pond installation and pond design services for commercial and residential properties in the Hudson Valley & Berkshire region.

Say goodbye to boring and basic swimming areas. We can bring the great outdoors into your backyard with a natural water source and local plants. You'll get a water feature that's unique, eco-friendly and stays in good condition long after we've left. Plus, you can request our routine maintenance services to keep your pond healthy and clean.

Pond Remediation

We will come and remediate your pond. If your pond has gotten to the point where it is necessary, we will come in and remove algae, take care of invasive specialist such as phragmites ( cat tails ), and we also work with the NYS DEC for permits if necessary. We will dig out your pond using an excavator to make them larger and remove years of dead organic matter build up.

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Trust the pros to make sure your pond is swim-ready

Once your swimming pond installation is complete, feel free to hire us for routine maintenance on your water feature. We'll return every two weeks to clean out any algae and check the water composition.

Looking for more ways to keep your pond healthy and algae-free? Consider diversifying your little ecosystem with:

Crayfish | Snails | Koi fish | Grass carp | Perch | Bass |

Preserve your pond for a lifetime by scheduling regular maintenance from Pond Docs @ JJRT Aquatic. Reach out now to get started.