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From Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Rensselaer & Albany County, NY to the Berkshires & Beyond— Hot Tub, Spa, And Pool Installations

We bring the vacation experience to your home.

Avoid the rising costs and mounting stress of travel when you turn your backyard into a personal vacation getaway! With Strong Pools and Spas, there’s something to be had for the whole family.

Get the spa treatment without ever leaving the house!

Columbia County NY -Spa & Hot Tub

Melt away the tension in your muscles and joints when you dip into the bubbling comfort of a Strong Spa. Feel rejuvenated by the soothing heat and jets of a high-quality spa – in your own backyard! With jets specifically designed to ease tightness and tension in your neck and shoulders, you’ll have your own personal massage therapy waiting in your yard for whenever you need it!

SAVE with Energy-Lok™ and HydroDrive technology

Strong Spas promote a collection of energy-saving, environmentally friendly materials in their designs. SAVE money with a spa that utilizes the patented Energy-Lok™ insulation system, an innovative design which reduces the release of CFCs in the atmosphere while trapping the heat in your hot tub cabinet. The HydroDrive pump system powers more gallons of water per minute while using less energy than the standard spa!

Hudson, NY Spas & Hot Tubs

Find the Strong Spa that’s right for you

Energy efficient, eco-friendly design features

Energy-Lok™ insulation
StrongBond™ design
HydroDrive pump systems
Lifetime warranty on cabinets

Spend more time with your family—
around your very own pool!

Public pools remain overcrowded while private swim clubs seem to raise their membership fees year after year. Wouldn’t you rather be spending your money on a safe, private, fun swimming experience in a pool you can call your own? Turn your backyard into a complete aquatic attraction with one of Strong’s Forge-Cast™ pools. Installation is painless and quick, and you’ll have a pool that lasts a lifetime without sacrificing your summer to an extensive backyard excavation.

Columbia County, NY Pool Greene County, NY Berkshires Pools & Spas

Watch the slideshow below to see a start-to-finish pool installation!

Give your backyard that vacation feel! With Strong Pools and Spas, there’s something for everyone! Get yours today!

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Spas & Pools—JJRT Aquatic is located in Columbia County, NY. We serve Columbia County as well as Dutchess County, the Berkshires, Greene County and the Albany capital district.